Friday, December 14, 2007

the high price of rubber heels

thanks to the XuXu who sent these links in for high heeld rain boots on german ebay. wow are they pricey!

sadly no matter how much googling i do i can't seem to find where they were actually sold or where to get them other than the occasional pair popping up on ebay now and then. a similiar pair was spotted earlier in the year with pink trim but sadly not in my size.

also found on german ebay is a nice pair of tall flat soled ones which sold for alot of money and the current listings for the vogue boots - which would match my catsuit very nicely but the euro and the shipping costs make it too expensive too get at the moment,

the same german ebay seller who from looking at their listings, specialises in medical latex clothing and equipment also had a pair of ultra rare 'acquo' boots with a decent square heel. the autions now finished and they sold 129 euros! but do have a look at the listing here to see a rather comprehensive and well photographed set of images of these extremely rare boots.


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