Friday, December 07, 2007

no its not me, but maybe i wish it was? - update

i was sent this link to a yahoo profile in from a regular reader and asked if it was me.

no its not, though in some ways i wish it was. there's alot of common grounds even if i wouldn't like breasts that large.

what it it also illustrates that there are other people doing this and successfully too it seems.


update: apparently its not even the person's profile image, rather it was lifted from Darkwing Zero's homepage here.

besides the lifted image i think what i was illustrating what i liked and disliked and that someone else seemed to share the same vision and claimed they were doing it.

so really the question is, if anyone is seriously doing something so extreme - would they ever put it on there yahoo profile (or myspace or facebook - yadda yadda)????


Anonymous said...

the picture is from darkwing-zero. not sure if there is any connection.

corset_kate said...

the picture is definetly dark wing. Looks like someone has appropriated it which she won't be happy about. I speak to her quite often so will let her know. Kate

SanderO said...

It's Claudia, DWZ and another slacker is just jerking people around with it.

So many wankers and so little time.

Claudia's a talented artist and an ethical person to boot.

Anonymous said...

It is Darkwing Zero, and her Yahoo Nick is different. Someone has used her Picture. Greetings

DarkWing-Zero said...

Ok , thanx to Kate for the link. Yes its me in my Demask Topedotits suit. I´m not happy about these Stealing Pictures and put them in forgin Profiles with out my permission. But it happend. i´m not upset only disapointed that some people thinking " whats found in internet is free to use". I don´t have anything against to use a picture if thereis a link to my homepange orwho it is. i´m not that unknown taht nobody wouldn´t find me in te web.

Yes i had some Yahoo id´s but the most aren in use anymore i haven´t that time to check all and all have to do with my artistname. only the one not butu can see it me about my yahoo 360 blog.

So Dear Dollblog owner. Please put a link to my site and the infomition to your profile that it´s not you. It´s not nice to using my hard worked name, to play some games with harmeles, good and loyal fans of me. Or remove the picture of me from your profiles and sites.

Thank You
yours Claudia- DarkWing-Zero

corset_kate said...

sorry i think some wires got crossed in translation have explained to claudia that you aren't claiming to be her asudem and that it was the profile that was misusing her image. I just know what it's like when someone uses an image of you without consent.

Andre said...


Before I realized it was DWZ, the info on the profile immediately set off alarms. Definately sounds like a man wrote that!

Asudem Latex said...

Hi All and especially Darkwing

i've done an update to the entry by just adding too it rather that rewriting it or even going as far as deleting it.

if u read the post i never said it was me, rather i was asked if it was me. i raise some other points but so far no one has commented on those.

the image could of been dealt with quicker if someone just emailed me rather that let me discover it a few days after the fact when i had a chance look at the blog again.

blackice said...

Hi Asudem

From my personal experience people generally don't put their deepest kinks on public spaces unless they are a serious exhibitionist. So number wise your looking at 5% maybe and thats being optomisitic.

They need to be really comfortable with themselves and their kinks to admit it publically in such a space.

And as i pointed out to another contributor/commentor - people tend to migrate from one trendy or current media profile space to the next one. So imho anyway yahoo is pretty dead. Myspace is on the way out and Facebook / Second Life is where people are investing their time now.

I made the mistake of accepting an invite to Torture Gardens Halloween Ball on Facebook, and since its predominately filled with high school friends (who tracked me down) i had some comment from one of them about it asking if i was bringing my mom along.

So really just wanted to shed some light on the context of this and remind you that your doing a great job and even the New York times get caught out for errors.

Your right, someone should of emailed you first to alert you to the error in private rather than let it drag out in public like this.

Keep going girl!


SanderO said...

The email addy was bouncing back email.

How can someone know what Asudem is about to publish?

This is classic web crap where people believe everything they read on the net or believe it because they WANT to believe it. Since fetish is underground or private for 99.9% of people the only ones who are out are those in the biz, models, pro dommes, goth types, or people so well off that they couldn't care what anyone else thinks, and so forth. Others who have to hold down real jobs and a place in the nilla community would be insane to broadcast their fetish and everyone with half a brain knows that.

The doll fetish is fun, latex is now available in clothes which can be worn in public if mostly at clubs and parties... so lots has changed. 24/7.. you're talking fantasy for 99.999% of the people. Reality bites.

Andre said...

Hey that's what hoods are for. Everyone looks better in a hood anyway!

Kim said...

SanderO, if you could take your tone down a notch or two it would help a lot. I presume you are not intentionally trolling, but I can't really say I appreciate your patronizing, aggressive and insulting style.

I love the Doll's Realm blog and the wonderful work Asudem is doing to bring us all this, and I really like to read the inspiring comments that blog readers write here, but frankly I can do without SanderO's reflections.

SanderO, you are apparently a self-proclaimed expert on "reality", and it is great to have a well-informed person like you here to tell the rest of us what we need to know, but if you can't do it in a civil tone, then please don't bother for my sake.

I agree with what Blackice/Mark said:
Asudem, you are doing a great job!
Keep going girl!

SanderO said...

I have been reading this blog since shortly after it came online. I like it very much Kim. And I have contributed more than comments.

Nothing wrong with a dose of reality now and again. After all Claudia, DWZ, was a victim of someone's fantasy games. She was the one ripped off. I suppose to you it doesn't matter?

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Roen Fardel said...

To push this back onto the actual topic of the post, I'd have to say it depends on how comfortable the individual was with sharing their extreme fetishes that would determine whether or not they'd want to post a picture of it on their Yahoo/Myspace/etc. profile. Some people are very out and open. Others are quiet and hide their fetishes.

SanderO said...

Rubbish... people out and open on the web with a fake name are not out and open.

We know lots about what Asudem groves on, but who in her real life does? Her friends? Family? Neighbors? I'll bet no one.

But there are plenty of people who reveal their perv an anonymously online. And that's why someone stole Claudia's image and put it on a yahoo page. A fantasy.

Judy Upton said...

@ Asudem

I knew straight off that the pic was Darkwing Zero, but that's only because I've been a fan of her for years.

Anyway, there are genuine upfront online fet folks (I'm one and know quite a few) so you shouldn't let this idiot demoralise you.



Andre said...

Right on Judy