Friday, December 21, 2007

encased and displayed - just like the stories

as an artist i think you can get away with some pretty perverse stuff. here's a perfect example of that was created in 1991 when Philippe Meste was still at art school. this looks like some oversized mechano set torture device but instead of a barbie inside and small, it will take a living naked woman.

for more images of the installation peice of it being assembled around a model then look at his homepage entry for Sex Moderne 1

as he progressed artistically he went on to make an epoxy resine clam shell version Sex Moderne 2 a scant few years later in 1995-96/. this version is much more streamlined and very reminicent of the allen jones mannequin body detailed earlier in this blog.

the white plexiglass shell encases a woman leaving only her sex and breast exposed. its been exhibited four times and been used in two films in 2002 - Morgane Rousseau 'Porn Movie (Rush)' and Ovidie 'Lilith' 2002.

another entry on an art blog is here for Sex Moderne 2. thanks to SlinkySkin for the link via blackice.

i wonder if gord from the House of Gord considers himself an artist or realises he's on the cutting edge of contemporary art?



Anonymous said...

The white one is great

Anonymous said...

True; one wonders what sort of reaction Gord (or others like him) would get if he posed as some unknown artist at some gallery with one of his creations. It would be interesting to see all the artsy types trying to inject esoteric meaning to stuff designed to be for a bit of fun. :-)

Oh, and btw -- I'm not sure what the deal is, but blogger seems to have wonked up most of the links in the last two or three updates you've done, Asudem. Might want to check into that and see what's up. ;-)

Steve M

Anonymous said...

Totally hot!

tass said...

Can somebody help to get film with this item?

Ovidie 'Lilith' 2002
durée : 100 min
avec : Liza Harper, Titof, HPG...
Courtesy Marc Dorcel Production /

Anonymous said...

Hello, anybody knows where i can get Rush with Morgane Rousseau ?