Saturday, December 01, 2007

from 'A's to 'DD's

no, not batteries but breast size.

this is an interesting experiment from uk newspaper 'The Daily Mail' where a journalist with small breasts, was fitted a pair of perfect 36DD silicone breasts by a spfx expert.

this road test was inspired by a skinny flat chested tv presenter Trinny.

it starts:

Had all the men in Oxford gone mad overnight? The postman started it. When I opened the door, he stood there grinning like a Cheshire cat, and lingered rather longer than necessary while I signed for a package.

Worse – or was it better? – was to come. In Sainsbury's not one but two men offered to let me go ahead of them in the queue. Another wanted to know if I needed help packing my groceries away. Another still wanted to open my car door for me in the car park.

In my local delicatessen, Gluttons, the man behind the counter smiled and nodded like an eager puppy as I bought such mundanities as olive oil and courgettes. But it was the (male) librarian at my local library who really seemed to have lost his marbles.

Only a few days previously, he had processed my son's books in the nursery section, and he had seemed like a perfectly normal, capable, soul.

Now, though, he was a man on the edge.

He stuttered when I asked him to show me how to use the new IT system. He flushed beetroot as I sat down. As he pointed to the screen, I noticed that his hand shook. He seemed incapable of a simple sentence. Eventually, muttering something about going to find his assistant, he fled completely, and sent a (female) colleague back in his place.

Not that the women of Oxford were behaving normally either.

contiues and article in full is here.

if your breast size is that small then those chicken fillet things won't do any good at all and this sounds like an option. wonder how long it will before something similiar will drift into the mainstream as a dress option? its almost like this is the making of a doll suit. what will be next?


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