Thursday, December 27, 2007

getting comfortable and going higher

its been just over three weeks since i decided - and with a bit of urging from a friend who is already stuck in heels - to go up an inch from my 4's melissa's to my 5 inch pleasers. it wasn't too hard as i had some experience in them before but within the space of 10 days or so i was pretty confident in them and they were natural.

i'd wear them all day and sometimes sleeping in them too help acclimatise me too them and develop the arch of my soles. i never managed a full night of sleep in them as i kept kicking them off or they would get caught up in the sheets and are pulled off - but i am trying and getting there slowly. part of the problem is my apt has the bathroom down a set of stairs. and wandering around in heels haf asleep to use it is well an accident waiting to happen.

meanwhile lying in the bath last week it became pretty obvious that it was really working. my soles were becoming pronounced in their arches with no sign of flattening when standing normaly. putting on my favorite melissas designed by KR felt like i was in flats. really like running shoes.

the friend steped up at this point and suggested i start with the 5.5s classic stiletto court shoes, and so now i'm in those when not in the basic 5's. these i had bough a couple of years ago when i was first introduced to the idea of being stuck in heels by TSG. i got all excited and bought my standard 5's and a pair of oxford 5.5s and the court shoes at the same hieght. neither of which i could stand in let alone wear for more than a few min at a time. so they sat in my cupboard - waiting.

now with very firm encouragement from two or three online friends i am now in the 5.5s and generally manage about 4 - 6 hrs in them, sometimes having to take them off for an hr for my toes to stop hurting. yesterday some local friends dragged me on a long boxing day walk with a stop for a coffee and then in the afternoon a chinese meal. i had to put on my low wedge boots as they were the only ones with any grip. i had to get back into my 5's immedately once i got in my calfs and back of legs were hurting. in the evening i swaped up to 5.5s and i'm back in them now.

the mornings bath had me examining my arches again and noticed that my toes could almost go to a 90 degree angle now. very similiar to the video bellow but with less of an arch.

i wonder if she's stuck in heels as i will soon be one day?


ps: i'm now 10 days into another training. something i thought not really possible but is proving to be even if i've not totally outed myself in them. still from dawn to bed i'm in them.


Anonymous said...

Very very good, but about your ballet heels, you never more wear they?

Asudem Latex said...

ballet boots make your toes bend back on themselves, totally different from these heels.

maybe one day but i want to be so good in these i don't need to wear anything less than 5 inches


WendyB said...

Sexy shoes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Thank you so much for sharing!

Your PS made me curious - is that in reference to heels as well, or something else all together?

Asudem Latex said...

ps; is for something different. i'll do a post on that on monday when i reach the 2 week mark


Doug said...

Hey Asu, a wonderful post, and wonderful news - I am very happy to hear of your progress and fully support any advances here.

Keep up the work, am here to support you in any way.