Wednesday, June 17, 2009

is photoshop keeping models going?

here is a series of bitchy articles about British Supermodel Kate Moss where they examine her without make up in real life and how she appears in some new adverting campaigns;

Fantasy and reality: The two faces of Kate Moss

Spotty and blotchy Kate Moss hides make-up free face under her hat

Is this the most shameless piece of airbrushing ever? Kate Moss looks unrecognisable in Versace photo shoot

i do wonder how much the life expectancy of models has increased due to photoshop being so available these days when for example back in the swinging 60's they really could only spend time hiding nipples in see through dresses. it must be a fair bit as Twiggy is back modelling for a major UK chain store.

another thought occurred to me - at what point do the photoshop costs on a shoot start to outweigh the the model costs?


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"video ont available on your country due copyright" sucs.