Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just a bit past 1.6 million hits!!!

yeah me!

and a new sponsor - do visit them and if you order please tell them you clicked through from here.

the blog is currently getting about 3,500 hits a day on average which is pretty good i think although i'm still waiting to be mentioned in Skin Two or Marquis magazine.

sorry for the slow posting over the last two months, work was getting in the way.

if there's any other latex designers, ebay sellers, or well open to ideas - please email me as i think a few more adverts would be fine.



jeandoll said...

Me personally don't mind to wait a bit.
Content is usually worth it.

Blackice said...


Doing some quick math (not my strong suit) it seems your getting 100,000 every 6 weeks.

Well done.

I am still trying to get the Doll Fetish feature into (you know where).