Sunday, June 21, 2009

liverpool - latex leggings and high heels

a rather late post based on some images and info sent over by blackice who was in Liverpool (home of the Beatles) over a weekend last month where he was giving a lecture.

he remarked;

I was spotting super high heels and latex like leggings being worn by an amazing range of women all weekend. It seemed about 3-4 an hour. This was during the daytime and women on nights out in the city centre. It seems the fashion trend for both was really well established there and even saw a group of three teenage girls out for a night in three different levels of glossiness. Super high heels were almost defacto there.

Even one shoe shop had a mannequin in a doll box with pink hair no less. So thought of you as I took a photo. Sorry for the crapness of it was really sunny and bright causing bad reflections.

any other reports to see how this fashion trend isn't dying but expanding around the world? are latex like leggings the new blue jean?



blackice said...


Forgot to add that I looked into the local part of the chain and they didn't have the dollbox display.

It might of just been a local thing.

Still seeing a lot of latex like leggings around down here in Brighton. Seems most of the high street women's clothes shops have them in one form or another. Oasis has all their mannequins in them and the cheapest clothes chain - Primark has super glossy ones for £8 and more basic ones in different colours for £5.

When I finally do the Latex Essence shoot I'll do a comparison against a generic pair.


jonsan said...

the world needs more pink haired mannequins!

Chunja said...

Thought you might be interested.

Anonymous said...

the latex fasion in liverpool is kicking off there are alot of peope buything them and walking around town in broad daylight in tight shinny latex pants usealy with very high black hi heals and there are quite a few latex dress around the town at night if you keep your eyes peeled

Anonymous said...

the world needs more pink haired mannequins!