Sunday, June 14, 2009

spacey russian music video

i do wonder where they are getting their latex from. latex shops aren't really in evidence here stateside but Russia?

or are they all just mimicing international trends?



Billy said...

C'mon, will you keep asking every week?!
etc etc etc


Asudem Latex said...

feel free to email me a full list.

those 'etc's sound very intriguing!


Billy said...

I never know the FULL list, companies pop up daily.
One of the newest,, doesn't even have its catalog online yet; the oldest one,, looks like it's no more.

Russia is not a tiny island, and everything that happens here resembles mostly all trends in the world, including in particular fashion and fetish :)

jeandoll said...

hate this Russian techo-shite. been played too much on localclubs here in Scandinavia