Sunday, June 21, 2009

selling fetish on ebay and to the world

there is a lot of it out there and one thing that struck me as i trawl the items on offer in the UK and in Germany is how awful the photo's are. i mean they're selling something really sexy and desirable and they look awful!!!

here's a few recent finds on where they totally nailed a perfect photo to sell the item.

this one looks so good i'd buy it and well its pink too. see latex thats not black can look really lovely too now can't it?

these are perfect. so much so i could print them out and make posters from them. this is really how stiletto's should look. a pov that just begs... well begs.. ;-)

latex like dress and not latex. still looks very nice, illustrates it well to the buyer.

and this is a more mainstream advert found somewhere selling mobiles. i feel as zentai suits become more mainstream that ad agencies and tv companies will be using them.

i had a few emails from readers in the UK about a tv game show totally based around the audience wearing them and shaping themselves to fit a moving wall with holes.

here's a short clip - feel free to post more in comments;



Anonymous said...

FWIW, there's also a US version of this game show (I believe it originally was Japanese, unsurprisingly). It's carried by FOX, and you can watch some of the episodes online at

The whole spandex-ish catsuit thing (they're not really zentais) is one of those iffy things. Everybody on the show wears them to compete in, whether they are the sort of body types that are... well suited to them, or not. :-)

- Steve M

JenniferCD said...

which sells the pink dress? I searched on ebay and have not found. Seller that sells it? "sueta22" ???? Please, help me!!! XD

NoSmile said...

This is sveta22 :

The store :

The dress :

JenniferCD said...

Thank you very much! ;)