Wednesday, June 17, 2009

vintage rains boots sought after

i am still on this never ending quest to find a really great pair of latex or rubber high heeled rain boots. so far nothing on the horizon from mainstream stores. the only place i can still find them sometimes is on ebay in europe.

here is a lovely pair i spotted last week on ebay in Germany. they sold for a stunning 167,66 euro's!!! keep in mind their vintage and not new in anyway.

obviously the heels aren't totally tall enough if i am being strict with my 5"s forever goal but it would certainly hold me for awhile till i commit utterly.

i do have some hopes that with the major designers like Gucci making 'fashionable' (and massively overpriced) rain boots that someone will decide to break the mold and come up with a boot that isn't just a Hunter one with logo's or flowers patterns all over it. Patrick Cox had a similar but modern design and sadly those are even rarer and go for far more.


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