Saturday, June 27, 2009

you will just have to click it now won't you?

Al sent me a great link to a designer based in Denmark. as the site says none of the images can be used without permission, you'll just have to take both mine and Al's word that its really worth exploring Passion Design.

Al specifically recommends the fantastic plastic dolls in fantasy folder.



Anonymous said...

Pretty site but very ordinary photography, a bit disapointed.

batvette said...

WOW what a find.
I might note that while I was also disappointed in the images, I think the somewhat dated hairdos and styles reveal this was all done in the '80's, and probably scanned not too much later. I bet the originals looked stunning when properly published in print in their time, perhaps someday they will be rescanned and compiled digitally with top drawer modern equipment. For the admission price it was a treasure nonetheless. Thank you for sharing it.