Tuesday, June 16, 2009

twelve entries only just started

sadly still waaaay behind on the blog; the last couple of months being rather intense work wise. the good news is that i'm over the worst of it and have been paid now which means new latex for me and a new if used Mac Mini.

my old mac is perfectly fine of course as i just do writing on it and it has served me well. the reason for getting it in part as a tax deduction but also since its an intel duo core mac it will "dual boot". what is that you ask? well i didn't even know till i saw someone in a cafe running Windows on a white ibook. besides being very freaky thing to see i enquired why on earth would you want too? the guy responded that he needed to run specialist PC accounting software and this way he could have both.

a penny dropped and something clicked inside me.

OMG - i don't have to get a PC - I can get one of these newer mac's and be able to run Virtual Hypnotist and start to use all the wonderful scripts / codes / sessions Thrall has been exploring for the last few months and getting well - enthralled. she started her journey here if you would like to start from the beginning.

she like me was a hard to hypnotise and has apparently gotten over the hurdles in a major way. if she can do it i can do it. and so another step towards being a doll has been taken....

another curious and good thing from my absentee blogging is that the hit counts have remained pretty constant at about 3,000 per day. i had a look at some of the data and it seems that regular or new-ish readers are now playing catchup on all the entries they missed. not a bad thing at all imho.


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