Friday, July 10, 2009

and now doll makeup

The Tokyo Times Blog reports that a cosmetic maker has took the unusual approach of tackling the trend head on – its new make-up range magically mimicking the man-made mates. very interesting as a trend and that its happened at all but there's so very little information available beyond the short report .

the company behind the new range is Shiseido, and has a homepage.

could someone who can read Japanese fill me and all of the readers in on whats going on? send me an email or post in comments please.



Anonymous said...

you can translate foreign language web sites pretty easily these days with a number of tools.. i dont as ive little need. If im ever stuck i cut/copy/paste onto

(it may come out weird but you get the gist of what they are saying)

try it out!

Anonymous said...

oh i wear Shisheido makeup....high quality stuff.

jeandoll said...

Japanese adds are the best! Sites unfortunately are bit on the heavy side

Anonymous said...

Im just going to put this out there; but you have seen the "ghost in the shell' movies right?