Saturday, July 18, 2009

now a major feature

the new issue of Medusariffic is available online and following from my cover ppearance in the last issue, now i have a full spread that develops my character and her abilities. sort of like those back stories for comic books where you find out the past of the superhero.

drake has certainly captured my obsession with mannequins which was sparked at a very early age and what eventually lead onto latex and doll fetishes. i see them all being intrinsically linked and building on each other to bring to me where i am now.

i remember back to my childhood and playing with a friends barbies (i never had one) and there was a black real rubber wetsuit you could put her into. it stuck in my mind, playing with her that i wish i could be her size to wear the shiny stretchy balloon like wetsuit. little did i know at the time that such wetsuits or latex catsuits existed for full sized people.

it wasn't just the rubber wetsuit - i was also fixated on the plastic shoes and boots barbie had in wardrobe. sticking them on my fingers and dreaming of that they would be like to wear. then just in the last couple of years i found the Melissa Shoes and fell in love with those - actual soft plastic shoes like barbie!!!!!

now if they would make them with higher heels and tall boots out of them i'd be very happy.


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Anonymous said...

I think my first meeting with latex was also a doll's real-rubber wetsuit, although in
my case it was a G.I.Joe(my parents thought I was a boy,
silly folk).