Sunday, July 05, 2009

with age comes a lot of photoshop

it looks like if your a celebrity you can keep on milking you appearance for decades to come. simply add photoshop and your back to where you were 20 years ago.
the UK Daily Mail announced: Madonna rolls back the years in new Louis Vuitton ad ... and even her fingers appear airbrushed

Madonna somehow always manages to hold the ageing process back, however for her latest campaign she seems to have turned back time.

But the lengths to which Louis Vuitton has gone to keep Madonna looking eternally youthful may be a bit extreme, with the Material Girl looking almost plastic in this latest ad.

In particular, the fingers of her right hand seem to have been stuck on - are they someone else's? Or just bleached to white through airbrushing?
continues here
now at one point will the hassle of getting her into the studio and making her look great and then spending the same budget again on photoshop experts to the reverse of the Portrait of Dorian Grey magic? i do wonder.

there's shop in Second Life that sells celebrity bodies and skins already. i had one for awhile of the blonde human cylon - wow is inhumanly she tall and skinny. a thought occurs to me that Second Life's resolution will increase over time so that lets say in under 10 years anyone can use these skins to make their own photoshoots or ad campaigns to sell Geritol...

dolls and of course cartoon characters have no age, so maybe thats the way to go.


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