Sunday, July 19, 2009

latex legs and high heels still going

just in from blackice in Brighton who is constantly spotting latex like leggings on a daily basis and pointed out that all the main shops still have them in one way or another. one store had a major summer sale and kept the latex like leggings at full price!

meanwhile a chain called 'Primark' which does cheap and cheerful clothing has several varieties available (when they're in stock) from £5 to £10. looks like everyone can afford black glossy legs at that price - cheaper than a cinema ticket these days.

this shot is a of a huge poster to announce new branch of a national shoe chain opening in a mall and looks to me that they still think latex like leggings are still very current. killer heels seem to be a fixture too of what they'll be selling.

VanillaLite wrote to confirm this trend is still going as he spotted Echo Beach, a new UK soap with a mainly teen / 20-something demographic. he explained: In this ep, these shoes are objects of desire for spoilt teen Grace. Her mum originally baulks at the £300 price-tag, but in the final scene presents them in front of the father, who she’s no longer living with, in order to wind him up! The shot is of a delighted Grace showing one off on the dining table (duly wound-up father looking on!).

These shoes also feature in the storyline of a tie-in comedy, Moving Wallpaper, a fictional account of the EB writers/producers. (The soap itself is straight down the line.)

no matter what the fashionistas are saying at the Fashion Spot that the trend has worn itself self out, it does appear that its a regional interest thing. where some places strong as ever if not more so and others you can get them in the bargin bin at Target.

personally i do wonder if the fashionistas have moved on to other trends like Eyebrow Shaving.

now if i could find a photo of super high heels, latex leggings and shaved eyebrows this entry will be complete :-)



blackice said...

Here's a pair for 10$

Seems to be a clear out.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we have seen the climax, I think.
But on the other hand, main shops like American Apparel are still doing them and Dorothy Perkins has changed the price from 16,- to 18,- GBP and they even have a huge poster with a woman wearing latex like leggings in there stores...