Wednesday, July 01, 2009

shot in australia

thanks to Vidking from Slinky Skin who emailed me over from down under some shots of windows to prove the super high heel trend is global.

and they do look very high indeed.

the next couple of photo's also taken with a cellphone is a curious designed shoes with a wire mess like design. i do wonder what knee boots or thigh boots - or even a full body - would look like?

and as its winter down there it appears that thigh boots are making a come back. is that leading the fashion tend or do australians follow it? if so which way does it go around the world?



Evil Dolly said...

Well, the cagey boots were from Yves Saint Lauren, but they're no longer available on that website. But here's some similar sorta boots.

Anonymous said...

video you might like: "Plastic Doll" by Aira Mitsuki