Friday, July 10, 2009

barbies go to the prom

The prom girls who really dolled themselves up... by arriving as Barbies in boxes
Last updated at 4:26 PM on 07th July 2009

Two teenage girls took the concept of getting all dolled up for the school prom to an extreme - dressing as life-size Barbie dolls and being wheeled in still sealed in their boxes.

Sammy Burns and Megan Barton, both 16, wanted to arrive in something more original than a stretch limo or black cab.

It took a fortnight to make the 6ft-high boxes out of cardboard, wallpaper and pink paint - complete with barcodes, price tags and the logo of Barbie manufacturer Mattel.

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Anonymous said...

The Barbie expo is on in Melbourne at the moment..300 dolls, some rare.
It probably travels from city to out for it!


Anonymous said...

its a shame they had to have their arms up like that for the photo..they look more like humans trapped in Barbie boxes, than barbies.


(i was at Dolls island in SL the other day, surrounded by tall realist barbies.It felt just a little intimidating , mobbed by a gang! it was funny not bad.

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

Hilarious (and courageous).

batvette said...

While I hope this is a trend which catches on more (though other than halloween, can't fathom why!) I'm afraid to say not many have done it more perfectly than House of Gord's "the dollmaker" with Eden Wells... especially loved the way he made the box a bit too shallow, causing the plexiglass to compress her rubber breasts (and her) like a vise tightly into the container.
If you haven't seen it it alone is worth a month's membership there- never mind the countless other happily twisted visions he's realized.
(I saw an extensive biographic interview with Jeff on another site once, he's had quite an interesting life, even from a vanilla perspective)