Monday, July 20, 2009

a new record for the blog

i have been keeping an eye on my stats while i've been too busy with real paying work to spend too much time on the blog. i was happy that it remained a consistent 3,000-ish with people apparently taking time to read through almost 3 years worth of material in lieu of any new entries.

well i managed a rather large entry on sunday after sleeping a good part of saturday and it paid off. the blog broke the 4,000 hit mark for one day. oh and i do have loads more. thats really not the issue - its down to how much real life intrudes on my blogging more than anything.

so if there are two more advertisers who make latex clothes and want to sponsor the site for clothes then please do email me. i think two more to bring the total to three is my limit. after that i would be looking for a real job running the blog for a company as part of their marketing and brand presence.



Anonymous said...

I guess Sunday is a good day for latex.

-Doc Purple

Brenda Big Tits said...

I recently added you to my blogroll. Now, my blog is merely a sliver of yours, but hopefully that helped you over the hump.



jeandoll said...

First (green) bar might contain search engine spiders and such.

But really it's not wonder you have traffic, with so attractive content.