Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cyberspace never felt soooo good....

i dont have a play station so i didn't even know this existed till i saw the link in comments.

seems there's a game from japan thats soo unlike any video game you've played before. its all about navigating around the designers idea of cyberspace.

the big bonus is that some of the games come bundled with some sort of vibropad that is tied into the play.......

a must read full write up of a test drive can be found on the Game Girl Advanced site here's.

and of course there are ones available on ebay - isn't everything?


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TheThinMan said...

It gets better. The vibrator is a standard USB device that can run off of a force-feedback mouse driver.

Once I got it working, I never heard another complaint from my subbie that I spend too much time online.