Thursday, December 07, 2006

encased and zentai'd

another new but related fetish to the dolling is of course zentai suits. and related to that is pantayhose and tights encasement. a site dedicated to this was sent too me a couple of weeks back and is encasement fetish community.

i remember when i was really young, maybe just entering my teens, i managed to get hold of a pair of pantyhose which was way way too large for me and put both legs down one of it legs. i then moved it around so i could lean over and crawl upside the other pair of legs, making me a nylon coated snake of sorts. for sure one of my earliest semi bondage experiences. now of course you can buy something similiar in body hose, if they ever properly launch.

efcommunity's splash page photo is just stunning and inside is really just loads and loads of folders with images in them. very sadly no where near as good as the splash page one which is reminicent of the bodyhose page.

yet after digging around like a kid in a candy store i did find a folder for Zentai Anna - who has done what i want to do with my own white zentai suit. sadly she's not replied to my email yet but my fingers are still crossed. at least i know it can be done now.

here yahoo 360 degree profile is here if anyone wants to check out more of her photo's and the mini blog yahoo provides.



jen said...

I know her well.
We need to talk.
YOu have to email me because I can;t add people on my messenger on yahoo

Asudem Latex said...

ok, been away for over a week now and just catching up. short emails i'm really good at replying too. longer ones i like to dwell on and take my time,


jen said...

Ok. But I need th e info soon if you want me to help you. Holidays are comming up so I dont know how we can talk if you will be busy

Anonymous said...

I really love this photo. I don't know what you'd call it, dolling? zentai? But I know I'd love my girlfriend to dress like that on occasions!