Friday, December 29, 2006

dollish fashion advertising

these scans are from a fall issue of british fashion magazine i-D. it was full of interesting things and trends. one thing i notice was that three advertisers definately, (well imho) had doll or mannequin themed imagery.

two cloned blonde bob'd women which appear in their other adverts, the stiff mannequin like poses and bleached plastic skin of two models and the positively creepy masked women..... maybe they'r waiting their turn to be converted? its also part of as series of ads set with similiar masked models and darkend rooms

loads of ideas for stories...



Dark said...

The idea of runway and fashion models as "iconic" really tied does link well to the notion of the doll as an idealized female.

In a very real sense the live fashion model is hardly different from the mannequin, she is not meant to show individuality and personality by her presentation of a detached female aloofness. You are not meant to relate to her individuality as much as to her body as a rack for displaying clothes.

Isn't this like a Barbie doll (or other doll) that girls dress? You will notice in most runway shows the designers find women who look remarkably the same to show their collection on. For each designer it may be a different look, but it is not uncommon to see a stream of females on the runway that looked like they came out of a factory. For body types this makes good sense because they don't have to do too much custom fitting etc. But when it comes to face, hair and make up, they will ALSO get very similar models often... almost like living mannequins.

Wonder when someone will come up with realistic robotic mannequins to use for runway shows? Perhaps before that models in photo realistic masks all looking the same?

Anonymous said...

Someone allready got that idea of masked mannequin.

His name ist Jean-Pierre Khazem. His models have to wear silicon masks.

You may found examples at: