Wednesday, December 20, 2006

hypno mp3's
i think i am getitng somewhere with latex and oll hypnosis..... i'm not 100% sure but so far everyone who has read my chat log with sl hypnotist kitti control has said i was definately under.

the last session, the most intense of the three so far seemed to last when i was still in sl doing other things, and even through a nap i took that afternoon. so far about three or so hours in total.

i was pretty well given up on the idea untill kitti's sessions seemed to start delivering some sort of effect.

text and sitting at my mac is fine, but i really need something to listen to on my ipod while lying in bed. and so i started look around and accidently found as a link on a hypno story site a link too Lady Julia's site.

she is very femme domme oriented but has two kinda intro mp3s which i like alot here's. her attitude on her site and blog is also way kinder than other hypnodomme's i've come across. looking at her yahoo group she even gives warning over what other hypnodommes try to pull with chat logs as examples.

go have a peak and a listen, you may enjoy them as i do.

oh and i know what your thinking, no she doesn't have any doll mp3s but i have introduced the idea too her. we'll see ;-)



Dark said...

I listened to one of her submissive sessions. She has a nice seductive voice and seems to link your own sexual pleasure to simply doing whatever mistress would desire.

So the question in mind is what DOES the mistress desire of the submissive? Can one really transfer your own behavior with some sort of erotic reward to do anything other than what is acceptable and desire to you?

Could a Mistress turn a manly submissive male into a sissy slave by appealing to his sexual arousal about submitting, serving, pleasing, soft gentle control? I think not.

I do think that this type of hypnotic submission might enable someone who is fighting acceptance of something inside of them... something repressed to surface. So I can see someone who might be a repressed homosexual, for example, come out of the closet. But I don't think she or this approach could turn a hetero into a homosexual or make someone who doesn't eroticize pain do so. I simply find that type of mental realignment of our mind scape impossible in these sessions.

To change our behavior and mind takes years and years of experiences, both negative and positive to shape us.

If one wants to be a submissive rubber doll... and this is a mind set... then spend time being one... in positive experiences and it could be integrated into who you are. It is easy to suggest people to do what is suggestible. It's like a permission to remove guilt... which is a big barrier for people.

Lady Julia said...

"But I don't think she or this approach could turn a hetero into a homosexual or make someone who doesn't eroticize pain do so."

Of course I couldn't turn a hetero into a homosexual. Why would I wish to? Sexual orientation isn't a learned or trained experience.

The eroticism of pain can be a learned/trained experience. If someone does not eroticize pain in the slightest, after listening to one hypnosis session they're not going to get turned on by being whipped. They can be trained with a hypnosis session to eroticize say a bit of nipple pain. When I use hypnotic training with my submissive, the training happens gradually. It's a conditioning process.

Hypnosis is not mind control and outside of fantasy it cannot make anyone do anything.

That said, obviously someone who fantasizes about being a doll can experience some very intense hypnotic doll-related sessions because it's something their mind already accepts it as something they want to do.

Dark said...

Lady Julia,

Your last paragraph sums hypnotic dominance up for me... it seems to give people permission to do what they already want to.

The session is calming and makes the listener feel safe and protected and therefore emotionally free to do something which the id might inhibit them from doing. It's s calming mommy telling you it's alright to do it.. go for it because, of course, it is going to press your sexual buttons and isn't that what we want?

Pain... Pain is related to the sensation of pleasure in the nervous system. However it plays a very different function. Pain is the message that the body is being harmed and to remove to offending cause. It can be very intense and intensity is usually associated with greater risk of damage.

Without getting into why someone would eroticize pain... it is possibly to "grow" associations between sexual pleasure and pain if the sexual pleasure follows the pain almost like a reward. Just as fondling of the erogenous zones will lead to erotic tension and the desire for orgasmic release... pain can get into this neural response so that it too leads to the increase in sexual tension and eventually to orgasm.

Is this a better sex or more intense than not masochistic sex? Apples and oranges. You can't get into someone else's skin. There may be no doubt that the pain response is "aggressive" and is associated with some rather "violent" types of activities and sensations and it sure does LOOK more intense. And of course it is not all pain or in any context.

But masochism is not submission although they are related. You can be completely averse to any pain and be submissive and not eroticize any pain.. even nipple pain as in your example. You can also be a masochist and not the least bit submissive... you just find pain erotic.

Now if your submissive and have issues in accepting pain or eroticizing pain... thinking that you're suppose to... it's part of how you or your dom sees your submission than hypnotic or any other training may re align you emotional and physical response. But that seems a bit odd... like saying...I'm a submissive doll and I must like wearing 6" heels... it's forcing you to be something that you aren't in a sense... or doing it for someone else's reasons... as in WOW that's so cool...

my thoughts...

Anonymous said...

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