Wednesday, December 20, 2006

smutty puppets

illustrator, computer renderer, storyteller and dollsrealm contributor 'jay' has set up a new homepage up for his writing here.

not too much there at the moment, a few stories with descriptions and keycoded catergories for others yet to be posted.

and for people who don't know what any of this weird fetish stuff is he generously links to Winterrose's semenial work / FAQ on the subject.

however, too see his illustrations you need to go too his page on the hypnopics collective here, and you will need to create a user account and sign in too actually look at anything.


1 comment:

WinterRose said...

Aww, now that was pretty darn nice of him. I really dig his Poser work too. (I am continuing my interrupted Second Life 3d work by getting on with my long postponed learning of Poser and all the assorted stuff I've accquired for it.) Miss you all terribly...