Sunday, December 31, 2006

EGL and Maid Cafes....

in the entry about a club called 'Dolls' the subject of real life clubs in new york and the egl/maid cafes came up in the comments and sparked alot of attention and comment.

i never got to the new york city one, but head they were famous of the chocolate high heel desert and also remember seeing the place in 'sex in the city' episode.

if there's public maids cafe, its not too hard to imagine that more closed or private clubs would be more dressy up, more doll or costume based? i mean the maid look is very cute but for sexy cosplay characters i doubt the owners of the image / copyright owners of them would want a Gundam, Hello Kitty or Sailor Moon characters working in such a place?

and are there any position for western women in a club or restaruant like that? maybe eglish lessons in full egl outfits?


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Anonymous said...

An interesting program was broadcast on NHK 3. NHK is usually the purveyor of boredom and the status quo in Japan but, surprise surprise they had a program on the 'Making of a Lolita' In the program they interviewed several burikko, lolicon and EGL types as to why they do what they do. They also interviewed shopworkers from Metamorphose and a few of the other shops specializing in these fashions.

There was also a rather brief look at Maid Cafes and the Akiba scene. Overall this was a rather clinical and emotionless look at a growing segment of Japan's population.