Friday, December 22, 2006

a real club

there was a homepage, which i can't find now done by a female masker / cosplay person and it had a collection of correspondance with a woman doller in japan. seems she worked at a club for living latex dolls..... and was being offered the chance to join then and work there.

now like so much of this stuff there was no way to tell if it was real or not and attempts to track it down by various people have proved futile. if anyone has the link then please post it or email it in.

saying that - there are cosplay and maids cafe's in japan and for a westerner to try to go into even just a normal hostess bar is a no-no.. so maybe just maybe a more extreme kinkier doll club does exist as the email correspondance relates.

a more concrrete club called 'Dolls' was sent in by Davina

no dolls inside though she said.....


Kerry said...

That club story you were referring to first appeared on Kuniko's site as a "letter" from Ms. Mask. Personally, I think it was totally bogus but here's the link

Anonymous said...

There's also the Dollhouse weekly event at Vegas MGM's Studio 54, where you get to dress up and down the living dolls that parade through the place...

Anonymous said...

There's also the Dollhouse weekly event at Vegas MGM's Studio 54, where you get to dress up and down the living dolls that parade through the place...

Anonymous said...

Going to a Hostess Bar or Maid Café is possible in Japan. The only problem is money. Not a lot of the Gaijin types who work in Japan feel like spending $100 for a scotch on the rocks-even if the club is a hostess/lingerie/cosplay or maid bar with all the perks that go with having a chance to get up close to these ladies.

Of course a lot of the western women who come over here to teach and get tired of working for NOVA end up in these clubs. Salaries are good with many of the girls getting anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 a month in salary, tips and presents. And then there is the opportunity for the really good ones to become net idols on paysites and get a percentage.

Fishy said...

here is the link to the doll club story (fiction, I think)

It's on Kuniko's excellent "doller" site.

fishy said...

Whoops, I pasted the link but the end got lost.
I'll try again

Dark said...

The link includes a aol email addy... which in itself proves nothing.

Has anyone ever reported visiting such a place?

Stories like the Japanese lounge do beg credulity. Why? To me either they are really secret as they claim and would not seek any "publicity" whatsoever... or they would offer some more "proof" of their existence... whilst still maintaining secrecy. One wonders even how this email exchange started.

Talk is cheap and even a photo can be faked but seems to "prove" something.

Extraordinary claims require some proof. People may want to believe such stories, but the proof is another matter.

The "doll community" at some point will have to deal with disconnect between fantasy and reality. Some people actually are trying to be dolls (however they define it) and others are content to approach it like a fantasy.

Bradley said...

I wish "dealing with the disconnect" were that straightforward and simple.

It isn't, at least in this land of the Repressed, Home of the Uptight here in the States. :( A BIG part of the problem isn't just secrecy, but that a lot of people who might could be more *openly* into dolling elsewhere in the world, are forced by their jobs and/or by their neighbors to stay underground, go into hiding, and generally act as if *any* connection between Real Life* and their Sex Lives would get them branded "an Enemy of the State".

Seriously....I learned much of this the hard way: for every doller who wants to be "out" and do their thing in public, you have four others scrambling and working overtime to *firewall* their privacy so that The Almighty Employer never finds out. In such a climate, the wonder is that *any* concrete physical evidence of dolling exists at all.

I mean, really...consider one small, obscure fragment of dolling. Consider EGL. Consider how much your uptight, rightwad elements in the States would freak out, just over the "L" word at the end of that--never mind that the Japanese have *clearly* used the word "lolita" there to mean something *Totally* different than what most Westerners would use it for. In some more isolated and poorly educated areas of the nation, I daresay the locals would still *lynch people* for daring to be sexually deviant in a manner *They REFUSE* to understand.

So yeah....ask away for evidence, I understand, skepticism is what it is, and *everyone* at some point does ask the question, "Where's the proof?"

Just don't hold your breath waiting for any answers from "American" sources because for the most part, they will not be forthcoming. Too many people still think admitting to anything *at all* is a risk, and that they have to stay *deep* underground to stay safe, and able to work for a living.

Dark said...


My point is not that we need proof of dolls walking down Main Street. I suppose that many will accept that fetishes are kept well under the radar. and some sort of proof is still possible.

If you look at the larger latex fetish community, there is more than ample evidence of images of many people on sites lie Crazy Rubber Friends and Robber Pals where people post pictures, one presumes mostly of themselves in private and in some pretty way out gear. While these images can be "faked" are hardly proof, they are more credible than a bunch of letters and stories and so forth.

I suspect that the entire doll genre is hardly known and when it is, it is not well understood as say SM or bondage or latex enclosure fetish.

Just as I don't expect to see hard core fetish on the streets of even NYC... I wouldn't expect to see a doll there either. Perhaps in a club or a fetish ball.

The most visible dolls in the scene that I am aware of are all male to female transformations and Xdressers and maskers seem to be getting the most attention.

So where are the examples the female dolls? Surely they exist?

Asudem Latex said...

10,000 to 50,000$ a month!!

would that be more if i were to wear a full latex catsuit and mask when working?

wow!! seems like a dream job....


SteveMND said...

"Personally, I think it was totally bogus but..."

Well, disregarding any urban legends that may have sprung up regarding it, I don't see anything odd about the existence of such a club based on just the letter presented. Heck, a fetish-themed club where the hostesses and hosts dress up in a paticular manner? You have that sort of stuff over here in the States, after all.

Why, if kigurumi and cosplay were as generally-accepted over here as it is in Japan, I could easily see several of these clubs over here in places like LA, NY, etc.

I will say I'm a little skeptical of the per-month amounts quuoted, but that might be a mistranslation perhaps...

Dark said...

Of course, there was a fetish themed restaurant in NYC which closed sadly called Justine.

The restaurant and bar was decorated in dungeon theme... dark, iron hardware and large cage somewhere, fetish videos playing on numerous monitors scattered about, that sort of detailing. The staff all were in fetish attire and "role"... wait staff being "submissive." and the hostess a domina (of course). There was the occasional small scene of flogging or birthday spankings and the dessert included a stiletto shoe made from chocolate filled with ice cream or whipped cream as I recall.

Many who patronized Justine wore fetish attire, but being public the place drew a lot of "gawkers" who were there for bachelor parties etc.

It closed after it had a fire and when it reopened in a downtown east location it had a different look and appeal and seemed to cater more to xdressers.

There is no reason why a club or restaurant where the staff where in doll costumes would or could not work... if the food was good, the crowd attractive and the atmosphere playful (whatever that means).

How many dolls would actually use the opportunity to work as a waitress in such a place is a good question. It certainly would provide "cover" for their "fetish"... and of course no one would know (except employer) who they were... You the routine... starving actresses working as dolls serving tables for big tips...

Doll Diner anyone?

Anonymous said...

Well you could apply here

Just be sure to brush up on your Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The address didn't make it!

This is a google search using the Japanese for maid and Akiba. Lot's of results.

BTW the yen/dollar amounts aren't mistakes many of the hostess, fetish, cosplay and lingerie club girls make the quoted amounts-many make even more. Mizushobai as the nudgenudgewinkwink entertainment trade is called here in Japan has consistently been a moneymaker even when the rest of Japan's businesses have been in an economic slump.

Lucita said...

I would soooo love to work in a place like that.