Monday, December 18, 2006

one year old...

this blog and my own public 'outing' as a doll fetishist and wannabe is a year old now.

hits are over a quarter a million so someone is also interested in what i considered to be my own little private fetish.

ahhh... the wonders of the world wide web.

and over the last year i've been encouraged to wear latex more and more as well as heel train thanks to a very special people - Tiny Sexy Girl and Evil Dolly. i think with their help they're making me over, wether the practicalities of it all gets in the way or not. thanks too everyone else who has sent in links and filled the comments section.

second life i have admit has taken over my life in a bit of a way. well a lot of a way. i think i've even finally found a nice mistress in there as well as been successfully hypnotised twice. wether what i seek in sl is truely real and how much is helping i can't just say yet, but when your alone at least roleplay is something and better than nothing. i bet alot of people do say that. sharing what you can of yourself with kindred souls.

my wish list for latex and doll transformations is still pretty long, but i've just recieved my far east order and that gives me more 'day wear', just wish i was over this annoying bug so i could wear it.

kinda an act of celebration of making it too one year i just ordered semi transparent bed sheets, base and normal sheet. come january when i've had some christmas money come through i'll get the jacket i was after in latex of course and possibly the nightgown too. we'll see. any latex designers too sponsor me?

sometimes i wish i could just let go and be that doll for a Mistress i loved - but finding that person is hard, and i've had enough weird emails than anyone really. and whenever i go down that route in second life i do find it not working and i get derailed from my training.

i need to be doing this for myself and i can't forget that.

one day i'll make a mistress very happy as a latex doll arrives and is so committed that she can be litterly molded much much further...

anyway more images and info to post this week so please do keep coming back. contribute when you can too....



Dark said...

Congratulations on your anniversary number 1... I hope this goes on and on and on and that you emerge as the doll of your dream. And one day we get to see that doll... and some is get to see it before our very eyes? That would incredible. I'm here to lend support in anyway... all you need do is ask.

Dark said...

Love the PVC trench... Do you have this one? Where did you get it? It looks great... wonder how it wears? Some plastic is stiff.. I like the more flowy fabric like plastic... A 4 way PVC trench/swing coat would be da bomb! Now that would move and shine!

Asudem Latex said...

i don't have the pvc trench but its a style i would like to have in latex.

my plan is when i get soem xmas money from relatives is to have the far east latex maker create it for me.

i can then start wearing it to work. ;-)


Dark said...

You CAN get this in latex... email me and I will tell you where. I lost your email.

The Asian maker approach seems like it is aimed at doing a knock off. So many garments are taken to Asia for knock offs. Usually they buy the garment they want copied and send it to the Asian factory which then dis assemble it and build patterns and the copies are born.

Have you done this Asian thing with other items successfully in latex?

I am certainly curious because I have some design ideas I would like to see done..