Friday, December 15, 2006

pure golden legs...

and its not just an expression for a really good tan, it is really actual gold leggings by Balenciaga at loose 100,000 US$ in change.

its part pf their Spring/Summer 07 collection and need to be custom made fo the wearer.

wonder how you wash them or if they come with a special service contract. its reported here on catwalk queen's webzine.

besides looking amazing and wishing i had a pair (well i'll add itto my long list anyhow), it does mark a bit of a trend. so first there's the solid coloured tights, now the metallic leggings.

just how much longer before really doll like elements start showing up?

oh and are slighty cheaper versions available?



Bradley said...

You just occurred to me that if you *really* wanted to try this look, for somewhat cheaper (maybe as little as one-tenth or one percent of that 100k price though, so definitely still pricey), you could, I suppose, try to make your own.

But this would still take some money, time, skills and patience. Not to mention someone you could share the "leggings" with. Hence the need for two pair.

Here is what you'd do.

--find yourself two pair of gold-colored, *Extra Shiny* tights or leggings,

--get *plenty* of gold leaf (gold meticulously pounded into ultra-thin layers), along with the static brush and gold size you'd need to handle and stick the gold leaf *to* the tights. This is the expensive part, since gold leafing a large surface area *that could move* is going to need a bit of leaf, likely done in layers.

--get your buddy in this, who likely should be not just the *same size* as you are regarding the tights, but also the same lower body shape (so that what fits her fits you too), to wear the tights....a bit of post-hypnotic suggestion to keep her *still* might help here.

--While the tights are being worn by your buddy, slowly and carefully (since gold leaf is VERY thin and fragile, you have to use the static bruch to handle it) apply at least *three* layers of the leaf to the legs and lower body area. You may need a bit more than that on the knees, ankles if you are doing tights, and hips/buttocks. You also may wish to leave the waistband area bare so that it has some give to it still for taking the tights off, and putting them back on.

If it all works the way it's supposed to, the body heat under the tights, in combination with the gold size, will automatically weld the gold leaf both to itself and to the tights, making the stuff fairly easy to smooth out once it is bonded to the tights (assuming your partner stays still, doesn't crease or wrinkle anything).

Still. It will be expensive, nerve-wrackingly tedious, and for what, tights or leggings that will hold up for maybe two, three wearings tops?

Surely there has to be a better way than this? Or at least something cheap enough to maintain?

What say you?

Dark said...

Don't they have gold PU 4 way stretch zentai?

Anonymous said...

Don't they have gold PU 4 way stretch zentai?

Yes, they do. It's not as nice or sexy as those too expensive leggings Asudem is lusting after...

blackice said...

I was having a meeting with some theatre people in London in a 'media space' and spotted a woman wearing these or something prety similiar. Couldn't really jump up from the meeting.

Swear I saw them somewhere else and then after a bit of research you can buy the high street version here:

Probably look alot better on than in the shot.