Sunday, February 04, 2007

clear plastic cinderella shoes

i was looking around ebay for melissa plastic shoes again - having developed a bit of an obession with them as they're made of plastic. i was looking at all the links kindly sent to me from Brazil but it seems they aren't doing any interesting designs any more. this season is positively dull compare the ones from the last couple of years.

anyway i broadend my search to include any plastic shoes and came across the first pair by disney - would you believe. a second pair from the same seller but i don't think they're disney. both are pretty nice and aren't the stripper high heeled mules and shoes that keep appearing when i do the search.

i don't think i'd get them but they do fascinate me so.

i've been mulling it over since i spotted them and its not the entire cinderella syndrome i bet a few people would be quick to suggest. no, its that they're plastic and molded - manufactured than anything. they're something a mannequin or a doll would wear... and if i put them on would it bring be closer to the doll i so yearn too be?


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FellipeC said...

My wife had one sandal like this. Was a cheap one and ruined in weeks.