Sunday, February 04, 2007

pink and blue molded latex

i know i'm generally down on molded latex, but for the most part all of i've seen or tried on has been totally crap and not worth wasting money on.

it also has the problem of a colour choice being limited to black, red and semi trans in a god-awful uncomfortable industrial gauge. the only time i really recommend it is if your starting out and need some basics like a skirt, panties or gloves. those are always pretty safe bet even if the quality of molded latex is so low as to be night and day compared too glued sheet clothing. its also generally way cheaper and a way to test the waters too see if you or a friend likes it without feeling awful about making a bad choice.

one of the better molded latex brands is latexa from denmark and they are now doing pink molded latex. or they have been for awhile and i just found out about it..... i see they also have white and a metalic blue. Check out some of the styles here.

i think a pair of shoulder length pink opera gloves are going on my wish list...


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Anonymous said...

well those gloves would certainly add to the doll effect. but the way i see it, they have to be really tight so they won't be bulky (happens a lot with molded rubber) and also so there won't be wrinkles when you are wearing them.
but in any case i think you would look amazing in pink rubber.