Sunday, February 18, 2007

silver in Vogue UK

a recent issue of Vogue UK had several spreads of interest. the space and silver trend continues to be used. guess the future is finally here? where are those jet packs..

nice shot of the American Apparel leggings. mine are gold but i plan on a pair of silver ones. oh maybe track down the glossy black pvc ones too... then switch them to latex when no ones watching....

not since the famous theiry mugler full chrome gyniod has anyone come close to doing anything remotely similiar - untill now. like the shoes too.

last image is that mixing and matching idea i mentioned in another entry. here its taken to an extreme. like some sort of metal chrome bird with shiny black headed space helmet.

sorry for the quality of the scans, i think there's something wrong with my epson.


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