Sunday, February 18, 2007

junction is back

madbirdCZ the excellent photoshop artist who ran the junction portal is back with galleries and forums.

posted on a related yahoo group:

"Mad Bird" has opened a new doll and mannequin gallery and forums. Right now it's small and humble, but if we're active and engaged it will continue to grow into something great.

Go to to check it out. Now you can make comments, rate pictures too

He also added forums to talk and post your own ideas at

Lets go and be active and get it rolling in style!



MadBirdCZ said...

I'm dropping in this comment just to give you information about a possible problem people registering may run into. For some reason the registration e-mails sometime do not make it to your mailbox. It seems to be a webhosting company mail server related issue which I'm trying to resolve.

The e-mail should arrive almost instantly, sometimes they arrive with a delay but sometimes they don't.

In case you register and do not receive your activation e-mail instantly, try waiting for a while and if there is still nothing then please drop me a line with your username you entered during the registration and I will enable your account manually.

Once you get in, more information can be found in the forums and the pictures are all in the archives...

Enjoy ;)

Northern Chill said...

It's a great little site if you're a fan of MadBirdCZ's me!!

Asudem Latex said...

yes - i never was given a password!

i though i was being excluded

i'll send an email now - but to where?


Anonymous said...

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