Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hard foam anime wigs from Woolworths???

regular contributor (there are a very few who do) to this blog and uk fetish photographer/writer black ice spotted this wig on a guy when shooting at the Torture Garden on saturday night. packed with over 1,750 people there was one wearing an anime styled hard-ish foam wig.

reportadly they are on sale or were on sale at Woolworths in the UK but when he tried do find them locally they were sold out. apparently there's several styles and about 20$ (10£).

he's continue to hunt for them as he wants to use them for a photoshoot with a space girl in a silver zentai suit and clear plastic bubble. sounds very cool if he can get all the bits together.



sick puppy said...

I hope he does. It sounds cool, indeed.

Sebastian said...

Saw this post and I do remember those wigs being sold at Walmarts but if you have a size 7 or higher hat size ten you mightbe out of luck.

doing some quick searching I did find this place selling the adult size rubber wigs. Not hte same as in the picture but they are interesting.
Found it under the search "Rubber Wig"

And this one is an old product they don't make anymore :/

Dosman! said...

Not sure where locally is for you, but they were carrying these wigs at the Wal-mart for a while.

blackice said...

Hi Everyone

I had an YIM msg from Rotwang and he found pink ones online both in the UK and US:

waiting on the couple of friends to get back to me first before sorting. Looks like they a fair bit cheaper stateside.


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