Monday, February 05, 2007

more ads with almost mannequins

maybe i'm being super sensitive or maybe not.
but i'm seeing more mannequin inspired adverts of late.

the close up of the woman on the right has a very sculptural mannequin-ish look too her imho.

the second advert was printed pretty dark with a warm orange lit tinge too it.

when i scanned it in and did auto levels in photoshop it balanced it on normal skin tone values - bingo! - she was a mannequin after all. i can post the corrected image if anyone wants to see the comparison.

maybe they're much easier to work with than real models? (meowwww)


Dark said...

I think you are correct that the idea of a model as something innanimate to display fashion is catching on. It is the objectification of the model to make her look like a store mannequin which were originally supposed to look lifelike.

What a strange twist. But I see it in the advertising. I don't know that females are going for this look on the street though. it may be still a fetish niche... and not a mainstream thing.

Bradley said...

I've seen bits and pieces of the "model as mannequin" look get adopted, not just in the Media, but for much of 2006 by some of the younger, 20-something women in my least from the neck up and the knees down.

From the neck up--I've seen more young women adopt the lip color and matching *side blush* look. Granted the look isn't *as* extreme as what the models and/or mannequins sport. I have yet to see some of the more radical eye effects, such as the HUGE lashes, or some of the more shiny, almost plastic-looking effects.

But. If you are looking for something in a more subtle, say Kylie Minogue-inspired vein (imagine that! Saying *she's* subtle lately, *lol*), then yes, bits of the makeup look have caught on. :)

From the knees down--I've seen at least ONE woman EVERY time I've been out running errands lately, wearing fairly high heels. As in, younger women in their 20s to 30s, wearing high-heeled shoes and/or boots (because it is winter) with at least three inches of heel or more. I see at least ONE such woman every time I leave the house.

I've seen more high heels going on with young ladies in the past six months than I have since the early to mid 1980s, out in California back when I was in High School and the Valley Girl thing was in effect. Granted, I live close to a university campus, that may explain it a bit, but still...

My take on it is, if women *can* afford to adopt bits of the look and not have it mess them up too much (like with the circular, "Ok, how DO I walk in these?" platform shoes), they will use it.

Mainstream is about what's affordable (and vinyl-based makeup is hardly affordable as yet, for most young 20-something women), and what is *doable* (3-4 inch heels I see lots of, but above four inches, I only see on really tiny women who basically are *mincing* a little and regretting their choice of footwear with each step).

I know...the mainstream is kinda lame that way, too conservative for its own good. :) But hey, we do rather expect women to be more (way more) than pretty objects these days out in the real world, right? Maybe it's a price we pay.

**sighs** Who knows though? :) Any progress, any latent, ambient dollification of the population at large is a good thing, right?

blackice said...


Was scanning the fashion mags in the newsagent when I was in London yestederday and spotted some related spreads in Vogue. I'll get and issue and send some scans when I get a change. Tied up with my 3D art project at the moment.

Did see those leggings on someone in a media center. Must say they looked pretty hot - or maybe I'm just attracted to shiny things.


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