Saturday, February 10, 2007

those gucci riding boots

i was looking around on ebay again for different styled plastic and rubber shoes and boots when i found several listings of gucci boots.

now is it me or are they just plain ugly? i mean they're riding boot styled but actual riding boots are way sexier and shinier imho. the colours pretty bad too. i remember several years ago one riding company made their normal boots but in various jelly bean colours - those were pretty good. these way way less so.

add loads of little logo's all over boots is like some sort of sad need for attention.

it had me wondering about these overpriced designer accesories and clothing - are they really that great or is it the name and the logo that makes it?



Anonymous said...

The are simply ugly! I have seen pics of much nicer boots in womens magazins when i was waiting for a haircut(I am not a women, but waiting is boring)

sick puppy said...

I guess designer accesories must have a good quality, but I think the price includes the logo.
These products are thought for people who need to show they can spend a lot of money. As for me, I wouldn't pay for advertising Gucci (or any other brand)