Saturday, February 17, 2007

the must have silver robot legs...

if anyone besides me is reading the fashion mags; local or international ones, you will have noticed that shiny legs in various shades are the big thing this year.

maybe partly from the insanely price pure gold ones i mentioned in an earlier entry here and the inevitable trickle down effect to the mainstream.

or maybe its just that ASFR is finally taking off?

well thanks for the lead to American Apparel and they're three types of shiny leggings. i went for the gold ones and they are very yummy. the trick is not to wear them by themselves, but with long tops or skirts. effectively they become like tights.

i think i'll go for a silver pair next.

oh and do post in comments if you see these worn anywhere. kinda like where's waldo but with asfr leggings ;-)



Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if i would put that top with those leggings but i sure do love the top.

Asudem Latex said...

i don't like the shoes myself. the tops ok though.