Tuesday, February 27, 2007

make up for barbie...


i totally missed this one, could be the flu virus i'm stuck with for the last week or so. i hear its going around all over the place. anyway i had to get an email from conscious object to point me to her last entry here about how MAC cosmetics have an entire new range based on makeup found on the various types of barbies!!

its not even like they're sort of hinting at the doll thing now, its branded and bold statement:

"This Spring, Barbie is hip, happening and all-M·A·C with a modern rebel attitude and fashionable indie style. On lips, cheeks, eyes and skin, Barbie Loves M·A·C, a limited edition colour collection specially created for all you living dolls."

i mean how much more mainstream can it go? besides maybe latex flesh coloured catsuits.

as conscious object noted there's a snag when visiting a department store:

"...and all the employees were wearing identical pink glossy lipstick etc.! And as well as it works in the context of a poster with a model heavily airbrushed so as to look almost plastic, on real people it looked less than flattering. (In fact, they looked very much like Rachel in that episode of Friends where she let Ross put her makeup on for her...kind of stereotypically "hooker" look.) Or maybe they just weren't wearing the right clothes and/or didn't have the right hair to go with it, I don't know?"

if you look at the photo's it seems they have used models who are barely into their teens and the look so works with them but whats the cut off point? do you need to be a makeup artist to be able to apply it? or have barbies matching wardrobe?

MAC's homepage is here for the new range and they also do a MAC themed barbie.

wonder what the other photo's for the makeup look like?

but MAC's not the only cosmetic company going for th super glossy shiny look. the plastic lipstick that I had detailed in an entry last august here, it seems that another firm is going plastic look lips with a rather funky flash homepage with overtones of magic and hypnosis too it. screen grab is bellow and i'll add the link when i can find it.



SteveMND said...

i mean how much more mainstream can it go?

I can't fault your optimism, Asudem, but I seriouly doubt anyone at MAC was actually thinking about the concept of "living dolls" as we do when they came up with this line. The term 'living doll' has been used to refer to a certain standard of beauty for decades before we started getting our fetishy mitts on the term. :-)

That said, even if it isn't intended to be fetishy in our own particular kink, that doesn't mean we can't admire or utilize it. ;-)

Luiz said...

I found it wondeful!

UserJesse said...

Love it Love it Love it!! They're so delightfully dolly looking, must have more! *giggle*

WinterRose said...

I may steal some of this for textures if I can. Going to look at it now. I'll be able to use the lips at least. ^_^

userjesse said...

Would like to see if there are more shots of these 2 somewhere, love those high perfection airbrushed make-up looks, very artificial and lovely.