Monday, February 26, 2007

doll avatars in second life

i was doing one of my random google and blog searches to see if there was any news out there on latex, dolls and the things i'm generally interested in when i fell upon a blog dedicated to fashion in second life and the entry about doll skins here.

two things hit me of course - one that there's actually a fashion magazine for second life and secondly that doll avatars are becoming 'noticed' by them.

actually its not a massive surprise that the doll fetish is manifesting there and very rapidly i may add. after all isn't secondlife just paper dolls with chat? ok, 3D computer rendered and not flat two D paper, but you get the analogy.

and what do paper dolls do besides chat, well they shop and they shop and dress up and if your really like you can get a job posing frozen as a mannequin like i do Kayliwulf Kingdom. they made stands ane everything. but i already had a basic doll packaging tube and now a more elaborate wooden victorian doll case with a time lock on it.

a competition has been running for the last 5 weeks to see who can stay in Kayliwulf and the top 6 models with the highest time will get a photoshoot for the store and be put on billboards throughout second life. wish me luck but there's only a day left.



Jennifer Ida said...


1st place. You made it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely - well done.

WinterRose said...


That said... I think if they're starting to catch on, I really need to get onthe stick and do this whole doll texturing thing. (If only cos I owe you a BUNCH of em by now. *^_^*)

But if they're really starting to take off, it'd really get our store noticed to be able to offer em. We did just roll out a mannequin script for the Hypnotron...