Wednesday, July 18, 2007

almost glossy leggings..

it seems the fashion mags must have items of silver metalic leggings and black pvc ones are slowly making their way into mainstream fashion shops in the UK. spotted at Top Shop in London were semi gloss black pvc-ish leggings from a thinner material for £18 which are also available on their online shop here.

more leggings from Top Shop - a chain thats in most UK cities - can be found in there general catergory of leggings. notice they mention the silver one in the banner but they don't have them listed. they do have some which are pink and dollish...

meanwhile the main company that had their metalic leggings plastered all over the fashion spreads now do a deeper and shinier black pvc legging in their slighly tackyly named Vegas Legging. personally the name is enough to put me off though when i checked out the local store it was a pretty good PVC as PVC goes. the sparkly ones i'd avoid unless you want to look like a disco ball...


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Anonymous said...

Heh. The problem with PVC, I think, is that folks want to use layers of it that are as thin as latex equivalents, and you can't do that. The material itself isn't as strong, it will tear and/or look like crap.

But then again, if I did end up with the sewing equipment and materials (patterns and such) to actually work in PVC on a semi-professional basis, I don't think people would like my approach either:

Use two layers sewn and bonded together. The topmost layer would be a shell layer of enamel finish PVC designed to be stiff, glossy and pretty, while the inner layer would be thicker, somewhat softer, and act as a backing so that nothing tears when stretched. Basically the idea is to take a naugahyde (or patent leather) approach and *reinforce*, making something whose total thickness is on a par with heavy tweed or denim. The thickness would be in *millimeters*, not mils.

Which might work for some dollsuit and/or chastity applications, but it wouldn't be popular I'm sure.

--Brad Poe (who can sew a bit, but isn't a master tailor or anything)