Friday, July 06, 2007

dolls wear plastic shoes don't they?

i've become somewhat obsessed by my soft plastic melissa's which i've done entries already (just search in the menu above btw). i pretty well wear them constantly and they're helping me train to be 'stuck' in heels.

now its probably just me, or well maybe not, but its a big thing to me that they are plastic. thinking back i remember very very strongly having a barbie and loads of shoes and just wish so hard i could wear her clothes and fit in her oh so teeny plastic shoes...

so u can see where this is going can't you?

i may not be a baby pink latex doll yet, though if i wear plastic doll shoes all the time... i dunno it just really hits me in a certain way.

last week i found a site in australia that sells them and wow what a range! the site is here. so rather than buy some more latex i went a bit mad and expanded my plastic doll shoe collection rather alot.

i bought four pairs - an open toed dressy pair, beige wedge (sort of mannequin like don't you think?), a basic stiletto and a pair of super gloss black flats which i know effects my heel training but i wanted them so there.

i'll let you know when they arrive and i can get back to buying more latex.


ps; oh and just a note it's been over three months now that i've swapped up from my basic latex panties to latex slacks at home all the time.

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