Sunday, July 15, 2007

where are all doll stories

well legacy of timeless beauty has done an update finally and there's almost no doll / mannequin stories there.

whats with this ongoing drought? if you have anything you want to share then please please email me and i will generally post it here for all to see.



Sasha B. Bratz said...

There are no stores 'cause there are no story tellers. Looks like all the people used to write doll or mannequin stuff are not doing it anymore for one reason or another, and when they do it's usually somethin' like this super heroine crap. Ya gotta get these writers to kick it and start doin' some things, otherwise you're never gonna see these stories again.

K-8 said...

I agree, I've been so disappointed with the last *several* LTBSA updates, actually.

Asudem Latex said...

i was trying to raise the question in a tactfull way but i do agree with k-8....

the time of doll stories seems to have come and gone.