Sunday, July 22, 2007

more on barbie

i was googling as i do and found a blog entry from 2004 by scribbling woman all about barbie. check it out here.

and while your at it u can try the quizilla entry on what type of barbie are you here.

i'm a Movie Star Barbie... although i really don't feel like it and its not a scientific test or anything...


*Which Barbie Are You?*

You are Movie Star Barbie.
Take this quiz!

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alexgirl said...

What a mindlessly fun quiz.
I'm "sexy" barbie. Dizzamn!
Great blog, btw.

K-8 said...

I didn't think there were enough choices or outcomes...I mean, I ended up not even being able to finish it because there was more than one question where none of the answers seemed anywhere close to fitting me. ;-P

Almost makes me want to do a custom result. "You are reluctant Barbie," heh. And for you, there'd be "rubberdoll Barbie." ;-)