Friday, July 06, 2007

now available..

i had seen some photo's of bodyhose before - though the homepage wasn't anything besides a holding page. revisiting the site a couple of days ago i notice they are now selling and shipping them.

check out their site here and all the lovely lovely photo's they have.

the price seems to be pretty steep for what they are and like anything on the web there's no way to know what they feel like. are they denier 5 or 45 for example?

other ways to do the same thing are possible too. a lycra body bag is similiar and the far east zentai suit sellers can knock you up something for alot less that comforms to the body like a mummy sack. or of course if your smaller then buying some huge tights would be another way.

still love to hear from anyone who has one and more images can be found at preview's.



Disposable Josie said...

Yay! They are back open. I have a bodytube from a couple years ago (shortly before they shut down). I don't know the denier, but they are pretty close to what you would find in a highend nylon tights... not really sheer until stretched quite a bit. I don't know they are using the same denier/material now as then though.

It was pricy at the time, but I still love mine.


Jay said...

I Just got one and love it! It is pricy but I searched far & wide and could not find any good alternatives. so far I feel it was worth it.