Friday, July 20, 2007

tights of every shade, colour and thickness

can be found here at tightsplease, a UK site i stumbled upon when googling for pvc leggings (i still want a decent pair of those or latex ones - hint).

so far i've not seen the aformentioned leggings but a wonderfull selection of tights. pitty the dollar sucks so badly at the moment. still i did get a couple of pairs of the french pink tights last year all the way from France which are lovely though i've really not worn them out yet as they are pretty vibrant and not the barbie colour i thought they'd be.

oh and there's another fashion trend thats definately been brewing for awhile and is reflected on the site and it's solid colour tights in strong colours, some of which are various shades and strengths of pinks. the coming fashion for barbie legs? and i got mine last fall ...


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