Wednesday, July 25, 2007

asfr inspired...

first spotted a youtube on concious objects site is the short film about a woman and her mail order fembot... rather than go to youtube, head over to the source at and get it in almost any format imaginable and dowload it too.

according to Wyld Stallyons who created the short (aren't they the band in Bill + Teds film?)

The Doll is a short film about death, desire, and robots; made for boutique lingerie label Lascivious in 2007 by moving image company Wyld Stallyons.

Lascivious approached Wyld Stallyons in late 2006 with the idea of producing a collaborative short film which would act as a viral campaign for them, and also a promotional piece for Wyld Stallyons.

Inspired by the infamous Real Doll sex toys, a token dollop of Greek myth, and countless teenage evenings watching straight-to-video sci-fi b-movies of dubious quality, Wyld Stallyons quickly developed a concept based around the idea of a mail order sex robot, delivered in parts. Once assembled, the robot becomes sentient and takes a shine to its owner's lingerie, with fatal consequences.

The shoot took place with a modest crew over a single day on location in East London, although the key to The Doll’s success is the intensive post-production led by Wyld Stallyon’s director of animation Chris Sayer.

The short film was scored by German musician Hecq, who has collaborated with Wyld Stallyons on a number of projects.

i wonder if there's a feature length film brewing in there somewhere?



K-8 said...

"aren't they the band in Bill + Teds film?"

I had the exact same thought! ^_^

sylvrgirl said...

There is a feature movie either in the works or being released this summer.

Sadly, I don't recall the name of it.

Fifi Foxx said...

Great recommendation, I'm going to add this to my ASFR watchlist. Thanks!