Sunday, July 15, 2007

an ultimate goal in heel training?

way way way off for me, but something to aim for don't you think? maybe someone just has to glue them onto me untill i adapt...



Anonymous said...

You can always try and wear these at night :)

Deity said...

surely you've seen this:


SanderO said...

I do love tall heels, but at some point they don't look attractive.

I also love ballet and seeing ballerinas en point, but 6" is the limit for an attractive shoe without a platform for normal sized feet. For small feet it would be a smaller heel.

What seems to be happening is the idea of the tall heel over comes the aesthetics. And for my eye the clunky platforms are just ugly... whether with thin or clunky heels. Especially offensive are the mega thick platforms with stiletto heels. They look like a cartoon.

My eye can't adjust to a platform thicker than 1/2".

And of course really walking with grace is the key, because shaking around looks very silly too.

You need to see how ballerinas can move en point to appreciate how beautiful it can look.


Speaking for me and me only.

Anonymous said...

Today on the train in Tokyo I saw a girl wearing black latex stockings, a pair of blue jean cutoff shorts, a loose sundress type of a top and red sandals with a 4 inch heel. Looked good!

curious said...

wow, i need to move to tokio then i guess :-).

anyway, i loved that cuban heel pair of pantyhose.

Anonymous said...

If you feel like you'd lack the resolve to keep these kind of shoes on for a while (and they can be difficult), you can try using something like this:

Sub-Shop Shoe Locks

I've got a pair of these and they are quite fun. Get a matched set of 4 small padlocks and you can lock them on. Here's a way to keep the keys away from yourself as well:

Time Lock

It's a program that encrypts a file for a set period of time. The file would be an image of your combination lock, which you set yourself without knowing the combination. You would then lock the keys to your shoes in a box, using this combination lock. I know it sounds odd, but you'll get it once you read the instructions and play with the program a bit first.

It works great for me and it's a lot of fun, but of course these shoe locks won't work with normal wedges.

Billy said...

She's not walking or even standing, trust me. There is some rope or stick on the top she's moving along.

Asudem Latex said...

those trainers are stunningly expensive for what they are! so i'll pass on those. some sort of metal craftman could knock them up quickly i bet.

thanks for the ballet video link, i'd not seen those but some others. shows its possible. i do like the ballet boots but i'd not want to be in them all the time. the heels are much sexier too.


Anonymous said...

I have spent many hours learning to walk in 6 inch heels, but they have had to be strapped round my ankles and opened toed as the pressure is so great on the toes. Love the seams on the stockings too..