Sunday, July 22, 2007

too fashionable and oooh so expensive

i found some follow up information on the pair of pvc leggings worn by Kate Moss at the mud bath that was this year's Glastonbury music festival at the fart guide who in turn had seen the thread at the stylebubble site.

aren't we so incestious?

anyway it seems they're designer leggings that cost a bomb. even more so now that doller totally sucks against the pound, the euro and even the canadian dollar. if your wealthy enough to get a pair just like Kate's then pop over to Brown's who have a selection of expensive things.

this year Kate Moss launched her own label at populist Top Shop and had the fashionistas complaining that all she did was take her existing wardrobe and do knocks offs of it. or do we call it 'inspiration'?

so maybe this time next year we can get Kate Moss's branded pvc leggings from Top Shop?


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f&art said...

oh. next year? can't wait that long ;-( Guess I'll stick to the american apparel lamé ones amd continue them buying over and over... guess they won't stay the way they are for long!?