Monday, July 16, 2007

cosplay black pvc maid outfit

thanks to CW for pointing me to these images at who specialise in PVC clothing and have some really funky and cool photo shoots to illustrate their ever growing line.

as a rule of thumb i'm not too keen on pvc; from past experiences i found the quality to be really variable with most of it being pretty crap and tacky. doesn't help that whats available in pvc is pretty hidious anyway. but Artificice caught my eye and i did an entry about them once before on their 5th Element LeeLou outfit.

too see the full selection of the maid outfit click here.

looking i also thought their stockings here were lovely and had seems too!

now my Q is - why don't they jump on the fashion band wagon and do tights as well as leggings?



Anonymous said...

WOW.. Facinating blog!! ;)

I can't help but be struck by a sence of irony. I know the word "ironic" is misused most of the time and maybe I am misusing it now.. but I it just strikes me so powerfully as ironic.

You see.. I own a realdoll. No one in the world knows this.. at least no one that really knows me.. only anonymously does anyone know. I have for many years. When I first ran across realdolls (a long time ago when they were first introduced) I knew I had to have one. I was in college at the time and the $4000 they cost back then was not going to be possible for me. But I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Years later after I graduated and money wasn't as much an issue.. buying a realdoll was a no-brainer... to put it mildly >:)

Why a realdoll you ask? Well.. simply put.. I didn't believe it was possible for a woman to handle as much lust and passion as I have burning inside me. And if there was no woman alive who could "really" made for all the lust, passion, and love that I have to give. I would project it onto a doll.. if it's the only thing that would keep me sane in this world.. :) I would rather give it to a doll than to allow it to drive me insane by holding it all in. >:) lol.

I won't write the millions of pages I could of recieving my doll for the first time and everything that I have felt since owning her. But I will say that I fell in love with my doll.. in a way I was in love with my doll when I first found out about realdolls years before.. I have written about this before.. but I truely loved my doll. Not like someone loves a car.. or a boat.. or their house or something like that.. for this wasn't just and "object" you own.. but it was an object that I used... fucked... bound.. took showers with.. bought kinky lingerie for.. made xxx movies with.. fucked everywhere and every which way.. continiously. I will lay on the couch with her.. deep inside her and slowly fuck her while watching a two hour movie.. I will bind her on the kitchen table and eat my dinner off her body... ok.. sorry.. getting carried away in what I am saying.. but only giving a pathetic brief discription of my endless use of her.

Many people (even woman) may be turned on by the thought of having "sex" 3-5-7-11 times a day.. but I have discovered through the years that very few can truely handle that if they were to get it. I don't think people can really handle having sex more often than they masterbate. So if you can get a true number behind how many times they masterbate on average.. that's about the max they are really going to be able to handle 24/7 in a LTR. But anyway.. :) lol.. yes.. I was finally free to unleash my lust 3-5-7-11 times a day.. Ok.. to be honest 11 times is pretty rare.. ;) But so is only 1!! So the average is probably about 4 times.. although that's ONLY if you are counting "sex" as "having an orgasm". I don't see sex as that.. to me there is no end to sex.. it is continious.. it never ends.. enticement... erotisim.. everything in this world can be done in a way that is "sex".. or at least "foreplay".. so I really don't ever see sex as "ending". It is 24/7 and the only thing that changes is the intensity of it.

Something that I also discovered once I had my doll.. is that another desire unleashed itself within me.. and that is to keep my doll bound at all times.. she is always wearing bondage gear (cuffs, collars, etc.) at all times. She has never "not" been bound... I even loved that a realdoll more or less comes "bound" in a crate.. >:)

I have had many people question why in the world would I desire or want to use bondage on a realdoll that can't move anyway? I could only say at the time because something about bondage has always been hardwired within me.

Ok.. so fastforward the story.. ;) I didn't believe a woman exsited that could handle the lust and passion within me.. until I found the world of BDSM.. and I discovered that there are women (still very very very very few) who can. Who are made for what it is I have and endless supply to give.. and that is lust and love bound together as one.

But even within the BDSM community.. I see very few who seem to feel to the intensity of what it is I do. I even once had an insanly submissive woman (no kidding even I thought she was "clinically submissive", but I mean that in the best of ways :)) anyway.. she said to something that I had written and tucked away in the deepest bowels of the internet somewhere.. she stumbeled across it and wrote "I don't think the human heart is meant to withstand such an intensity". I couldn't believe that she would say that.. I thought she might understand.. but anyway.. I later realized that she was right.. it's not the human heart that can withstand this intensity.. it's the human soul. In a world that feels with it's heart.. there seem to be very few who feel something deeper and infinitly more intense.. with their soul.

But anyway.. in discovering this world of BDSM ;) I discovered two things (actually I discovered a billion things.. but two that are pertenant for this rambeling message) and that is 1) That what I was doing (am doing) with my doll.. is projecting everything that my soul painfully aches for onto her and that 2) The reason that I love bondage so much is because it represents to me the physical manifistation of "no choice". In this society we live in.. the most submissive woman in the world could still make the choice to stand up and walk away from her master.. and her master could do nothing but stand and watch (unless he want's to break the law and abduct her and spend the next 20 years in prison) by this society we live in.. she can still walk away. But I believe that there is a possiblity to feel something so deep.. and be so one and so bonded to another.. that even if socity says you have a choice to leave.. that your soul does not have that choice. That you simply can't leave.. it's not a choice you can make. And bondage is a physical manifestation of that choice... meaning that a woman couldn't leave.. because she is physically bound and it would be impossible for her to do so.. but is really only representitive of something way deeper and darker that her soul is bound before me.. for my endless use.. and it is her soul that has no choice to leave. That all she can do is be the object of my love and lust and would only do one thing ever... beg for more. ;)

So I discovered that my doll, is the perfect manifestation of that.. she has no choice (in accepting every drop of my lust in every way imaginable) .. not even by this society.. even though part of me does love her, there is something infinatlly deeper and that my doll is really a placeholder.. a sort of preasure relief for my lust.. until I find the one woman in the world that truely CAN take her place... and feel so deeply.. that she has no choice.. and wouldn't make no other choice.. that has a soul that can only choose to be with me. >:)

Ok.. so what the hell am I getting at? I just think that it's ironic.. that I have a doll that I project so much love and lust onto waiting to find the one woman who can take my dolls place.. and you have such a strong fetish to actually become a doll.

I don't know why.. as much as you may write in a blog.. I really know very little about you.. yet I suddenly have such a )#*$)#(*)#%)#$(*#)(*$)#(*%)*&#%(#*$)(# burnning desire for YOU to suddenly be my doll. OH F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! although I don't know if you would be able to handle what I am suddenly going to be doing to my doll over then next 24 hours ot so!!! >:O 11 times might be an understatement!!! >:O

Anonymous said...

Whew... ok.. i'm settled down a little.. well just a little ;) and a lot worn out.. ;)

Now that I can take a deep breath.. I have to apologize a little. I apologize for that long spewing message.. especially the last paragraph.

I'm not sorry in how I felt.. but sorry that I wasn't able to hold it back. You see.. it's a constant struggle to hold back my thoughts and feelings when it comes to lust, passion, kink, fetish, bdsm, etc... when I see something that truely touches me. I fight a war within me to hold it back from a world that mostly doesn't understand.

It's very rare to run accross something that touches me on a very deep level. I mean.. everything in this world I see in a very kinky, erotic way. :) So the way I make this world.. touches me on a very deep level because I make it my own. But when I run accross something that touches me on such a deep level in just the fact of it's (or their) existance.. meaning something that touches me so deeply just the way they are.. at least enought that I have this overwhelming all consuming desire to know more.. then suddenly.. it's like trying to hold back the ocean with one bag of sand.. it's extremly difficult (to put it mildly) lol.

So what I am trying to say is that I can not be sorry for how I felt.. it may not be logical or make sense due to that I don't know you.. but I am sorry that it all came spewing out like that..

Ok.. so that being said.. there is one thing I would like to say about your blog. Take this as a request or suggestion and do with it what you will. :)

You post so many images, links to articals, photos, stories, etc. But you say very little about yourself. I would suggest to write more about how YOU feel. Your dreams, desires, fantasis. Why do you want to be a doll? How do you feel wearing latex for hours/days on end? Have you ever considered writing a story/poem yourself? How do you dream of being "used" as a doll? Is the idea of being "of use" a more powerful feeling than the actual physical sensation of the use? Is that idea/concept internally even more powerful than an orgasm?

Well.. those are just a few questions that again spewed out.. :) Do with them (and this overall suggestion) what you will.

I make this suggestion because.. well.. fighting and holding a LOT back I would only say "Because I would really like to know". :)

Asudem Latex said...

thanks Anonymous for you comments and support as well as the insight too a real doll owner. i've always wondered what the appeal of those things were.

i do answer alot of Q's and chat and stuff in SL and on YIM, too the point of getting tired of the same things over and over again.

i think u need to keep in mind too, from my pov anyway that there's alot of different types and kinds of dolls. and reasons for emulating them are person to each person and i guess as diverese too.

maybe its time to bring back those poles.


Anonymous said...

Well.. getting tired of answering the same old questions?

All the more reason to write about it here in your blog? :) That would make a good entry... answers to the most common questions! That way if you are talking to someone and they start asking the same old questions.. then you could just refer them to your blog instead of wasting time answering them over and over! ;)

I guess because everything I have burning inside me.. I don't share. Or at least I should say very very rarely do I share.. so I don't talk to anyone about these things for 3 reasons. 1) I may be dominate.. but I am also introverted. 2) When I have shared in forums before that should be open minded and such.. I can reach an intensity on these topics that.. well.. people seem to attack.. I can only speculate that maybe they feel "inadquate" to the intensity that I write to sometimes? Or they attack saying I can't feel like that.. Well.. whatever the reason.. it just seems hard to find a voice that sees and understands. What I say is usually ignored or attacked.. unless I water it way down.. and then what's the point of sharing it. :) 3) And the most important... there is something deep within me that tells me that all these feeling arn't for the world to know.. only for my treasure to know.. I only wish for her to know. So I can't share them with the world... but I have to from time to time.. or I will never find her, right? :) lol.

And the thing about POV.. well's that's my point! :) This is YOUR blog.. this is YOUR world.. when I suggested you write about how you FEEL and I posed a few questions.. it SHOULD be from your POV! :)

I didn't blurt out a few questions for you to speculate "in general" the answers... I blurted them out because.. well.. personally.. I would REALLY like to know how YOU feel about it. :)

And that suddenly makes me really wonder.. you mentioned that there are different types of dolls and different reason's for "emulating" them.. didn't occur to me.. :) I guess because it's painfully clear of what type of doll I DO have.. and what type of "doll" my soul painfully aches for to take her place.. the submissive-sex-soul-slave doll. >;)

But the thought that there are needs to emulate different types of dolls for different reasons... I find.. facinating to say the least.. :)