Sunday, November 25, 2007

doll poses

one ot two images from Aurora’s Journal's recent entry.

i wonder how many doll like shots she's done already and where do they end up? now married to super seamless zentai suit maker Silly Billy who also had a video site where models moved like dolls and mannequins.



SanderO said...

Aurora's cool. She just gets out there and has a good time and is completely uninhibited to do her zentai and enclosure thing and no one seems to take it in a bad way... rather she gets lots of support for her "art" and boldness.

Good on her.

Anonymous said...

I think the pics are awesome, I really do...but I'm not sure if I could be as uninhibited as Aurora. Not because I'm stupid or something, it's just that I might feel the need to sneeze...or giggle...or *something* :P

sylvrgirl said...

Amazing stuff!

BTW another link for you to explore on the doll front is at Tribe and in LiveJournal.

Dark Garden Windows tribe has pictures going back several years of women and some men who pose as living mannequins at the Dickens Christmas Fair in SF wearing Dark Garden corsets.

On LJ user rmjwell has several sets of pictures he's taken of the models, too.